He was born in1971 in Silistra, Bulgaria. After being graduated from Dobrich Technical High School, he continued his bachelor's degree education in Trakya University, Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, Department of Architecture and was graduated in 1998.
He participated in varios project contests in his student years. Following end of his bachelor's degree education, he moved to Istanbul in 1998 and started to his business life.
He has been employed as an architect since 1998 in a construction company which is a leader in the sector. He professionally deals with architectural visualization.
Some works he did have been exhibated in a gallery sections of the web sites to the sector. The work he carried out in 2014 with the title ''Winter'' was nominated for the Best Still category in Berlin Animago Award and Conference.
He holds workshops on 3d modeling in universities Architecture and Visual Communication and Design departments upon invitation since 2015.
Upon invitations of Işık University, Faculty of Architecture and Design, Department of Architecture and Uludağ University, Faculty of Architecture, he held seminars on Project Design, Production and Assembly of Space Frame Systems in Buildings.
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